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Jerambhai Veljibhai Patel

B.Sc. Agriculture
SU,Junagadh – 1968 Gold Medallist
Founder – Gujarat Agro Seeds Co.
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GASCO Seeds was envisioned and founded by Jerambhai Patel, Raujibhai Patel, Late shri Chandubhai Patel, Late shri Gordhanbhai patel in 1974 with a strong desire to serve the farmers by providing superior quality, high yielding seeds that adds value to the community. In 1976 company was reconstituted and shifted from Ahmedabad to Junagadh which was handled by Jerambhai Patel.

Jerambhai Patel is committed to provide latest farm technology to farmers in timely and cost-effective manner. For his commitment GASCO Seeds is equipped with latest processing unit, Large storage facility, reliable seed testing facility and highly trained staff to monitor all the process right from production to marketing. Currently, GASCO Seeds holds a strong share of market in Saurashtra and Gujarat.

He started his journey as an Agriculture supervisor in “Department of Agriculture (seed division), Gujarat State”. After that he left job with a strong desire to start business and serve the farmer with quality agro-inputs. So in 1971 he started ‘’Kheti Vikas Kendra’’ (KVK) a partnership firm in Jamnagar with retail counter for fertilizer, seeds, insecticides, pesticides and spray pumps. This firm was shifted to Junagadh in 1973 and entered into wholeselling business. Looking at the opportunity in seed production business, he started GASCO Seeds in 1974 with a vision to serve farmers with quality seed. GASCO Seeds is recognised as pioneer in seed industry in Saurashtra region. Till date GASCO Seeds has always been farmer’s first choice.

He is active with various agriculture organization and policy guiding forums of state repute. He has served as Board Member in Gujarat State Seed Certification Agency (GSCCA) and All India Radio (Akashvani), Rajkot. He was selected as life member in Gujarat Association of Agriculture Science, Ahmedabad, President in Saurashtra Agro-input Distributors Association (SADA) for 25 years and as Vice-president in Association of Gujarat Drip Irrigation System Manufactures, Alumni Association College of Agriculture (Junagadh Agriculture University). For his contribution to the farmers of society, All India Radio (Akashvani), Rajkot and Doordarshan invited him to deliver more than 100 radio talks related to agriculture topics.

His approach for quality seeds are the core and guiding principles for GASCO Seeds.

Arvindbhai Jerambhai Patel

B.Sc. Agriculture
GAU, Junagadh – 1991
M.D. – Gujarat Agro Seeds Co.
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Arvindbhai Patel has been on the board of GASCO Seeds since 1991. After graduating he joined in the Family business with the same vision seen by his father Mr. Jerambhai Patel. He initiated and led the company by spreading business into the new market. In the year 1994 started branch office of GASCO Seeds in Rajkot along with Hi-Tech Agro Agency (Agro-input wholeselling firm).

Taking forward the dream of his father, he created and engaged company with diverse product range by developing various research varieties and increasing the infrastructure and storage capacity which have raised the enthusiasm of the whole GASCO family. In the year 2010 started another branch office at Jamnagar which helped the company to supply more conveniently and in larger market. He had a vision to fulfil the demand of farmers by providing high quality along with sufficient quantity of seeds with latest technological approach.

He has served as a strong pillar in forming the Agro-input Dealers Association in more than 20 states across India. For this contribution he is elected as Secretary (All India) for Agro inputs Dealers Association (AIDA), New Delhi. He has always helped dealers across India in solving various issues related to business and still looking forward to serve them. He has travelled in almost all districts of Gujarat to form strong association from root level. For his contribution he is elected as Co-ordinator in Agro-input welfare Association, Ahmedabad. He is also selected in advisory committee of Community Radio Station-Junagadh under Junagadh Agriculture University.

Along with the businessman, he is also nature enthusiast which made him passionate about serving country in Green India. To fulfil this, he established an NGO ‘’Kisan Mitra Club – Junagadh” in 2014 which working at village, taluka and district level. It has so far planted and nurtured more than 60,000 plants around Junagadh. He also organizes seminars for farmers under guidance of expert on topics such as beekeeping, Snake bite guidance etc. Seeing his contribution Junagadh Agriculture University invites him to take lecture on various Agri-business related topics.

His approach for creating sustainable business model for quality seeds and farmer service are the guiding principles for GASCO Seeds.

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