We are committed towards smooth supply of quality seeds to all farmers. Therefore, farmers across the country have shown a tremendous trust in all seed varieties developed by us. A meticulous planning and good co-ordination between the Registered Growers and our Management have set a system in such a manner that the high quality seed production has become possible. Our seeds are produced as a Custom Seed Production from Pre-defined farmers; under the supervision of our Breeders, Scientists and Seed Technologists. The seed production has witnessed a substantial growth, in the last few years.


Seed Storage

  • After harvesting the seeds are scientifically stored in godowns to maintain the genetic purity of the seed.
  • Scientific storage of seed includes the following measures:
  • 1.The stack should not be more than 12 or 15 (depends upon the crop).
  • 2.The stack should be atleast 2-3 Feet away from the walls.
  • 3.It should not touch the ground directly. Strong racks should be kept at the surface before stacking.
  • 4.Fumigation should be done on monthly basis to avoid attack of stored grain pest.
  • 5.Proper ventilation should be provided which helps in maintaining moisture % of seed.

Seed Processing

  • After successful storage, the next step is seed processing.
  • Grader machine is used for seed grading.
  • It separates the seed on various factor such as size, weight etc.
  • It also removes the inert matter.
  • There are different Grade Nets, each remove different matter and gives us the pure and same size seed which is best for packaging.

Seed Packaging and Tagging

  • Seeds are packed in high quality bag.
  • Certified or Foundation Tag along with T.F. tag is attached and the bag is sealed.