• - Mahendrabhai  -

    - Mahendrabhai -

    ( Mendarda Farmer )

    Greatest seed bank! our farm most of all type of crop manufacturing and all seeds are GASCO our major crop is SESAME.

  • - Pravinbhai  -

    - Pravinbhai -

    ( Mendarda Farmer )

    I joined GASCO in  2011, I didn’t know much about the company before. I was thinking that If will start working with GASCO and our crop manufacturing many more. our major crop wheat, I can grow with it as well.

  • - Gopalbhai -

    - Gopalbhai -

    ( SIMAR (Gadu) )

    GASCO have excellent packaging that keeps their seeds sealed tight and have great prices for the quality of strains they have available. our major crop Wheat and Cowpea.

  • - Lilabhai  -

    - Lilabhai -

    ( Simar (Porbandar) )

    I first used it on my toughest soils and saw much improved yields. I thought I would then try it on some of my better soils and saw yields improve on them as well. we use GASCO Seeds since 9 – 10 years. and major  seeds Gram.